Grateful That We ARE Stronger Together

UMEM Staff members Jade and Amanda Viles

March 23, 2021

“For you have been a stronghold for the poor, a stronghold for the needy in distress, a shelter from the storm ...” Isaiah 25:4

Grateful That We ARE Stronger Together
By Daniel Dolan, President UMEM Board of Directors
The United Methodist Economic Ministry is excited to report the success they have enjoyed in their Stronger Together Capital Campaign. We are thankful for all who prayed for the ministry, have given a donation, and for those that may yet give. Your gifts have allowed us to take the first important steps in improving the ministry’s facilities so that we can serve our neighbors well into the future. 
We are pleased to announce that because of your generosity the ministry now has the means to pay off its existing roof loan (our top priority), and to begin scheduling work for the next two priority capital projects – putting a new roof on the Salem Thrift Shop and winterizing the Salem bunkhouse for emergency shelter.  

A vital ministry is supported by fervent prayer, passionate leaders, energized partners, and the best possible tools to equip them. 

We want to give thanks to the 35 individuals, families, and churches who have already given and brought UMEM a bit past the half-way mark in reaching its Stronger Together campaign goal of $80,000. 

Several lead donors in this campaign noted their connection and belief in the work of the UMEM. Your faith, prayers, and donations truly inspire us to carry on the work of the ministry.

The new roof in Salem will improve the working conditions for staff as well as the shopping experience for our customers. 

The Bunkhouse winterization will allow the ministry to better serve those in need of emergency shelter in the years ahead. Your gifts which enabled the emergency shelter at UMEM ministry represents a truly unique service in rural Western Maine.
With additional donations and commitments in the months ahead, we will be able to build much needed storage and sorting facilities at the Salem and Howland ministry locations. Currently, the sorting and storage of donations is done in rooms that are ill suited for the task and would be better used for other purposes.

The ministry’s Board of Directors believe that these stand-alone sorting and storage structures will improve the quality of our thrift operations, increasing foot traffic and revenue at both ministry shops which enables us to meet the needs of more of our neighbors. 

Together, with additional help and investment, these goals will also be accomplished, and we will continue to change lives in the name of Christ. 

Your generosity has enabled us to provide our neighbors with shelter from life’s storms for many tomorrows to come. For that, the UMEM Board of Directors, are truly grateful. On behalf of the staff, volunteers and the hundreds of families that will benefit from these projects we say, “Thank You!”
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