General Conference 2019 Response from United Methodist Clergy in Mid-Maine

March 22, 2019

We’re serving all God’s children - United Methodist Clergy in Mid-Maine

The United Methodist Church has been in the news lately. A global meeting recently affirmed and strengthened an exclusive stance against ordination and marriage of those identifying as LGBTQ+ and the allies who support them.  

We stand in opposition to this decision.

We mourn with all who have been harmed by our denomination’s stance and/or response to that stance. We will continue to prayerfully work to be a Church where no one is excluded.

If you or your family or friends are LGBTQ+, we are here for you. We commit to leading Christian communities where all are invited to experience the saving grace of Jesus Christ, to grow together in holiness of heart and life, and to discern and respond to God’s call and purpose.

By God’s grace we will encourage unity in our diversity, having the mind of Christ (Philippians 2:5).  Our Methodist founder, John Wesley, said to friends with whom he disagreed, “If your heart be as mine, then give me your hand.” The prayer of Jesus as he anticipated going to the cross was, “That all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you.” (John 17:21 NIV)  

We may not all agree on some matters of doctrine or politics, but we seek to lead churches where everyone desiring to grow closer to God through Jesus Christ is welcome. Therefore, we invite into full participation in the life of the church people of every age, race, ethnicity, immigration status, gender identity, sexual orientation, family structure, marital status, economic status, political spectrum, physical or mental ability.

Rev. Karen Munson – District Superintendent Mid-Maine
Rev. Steve Bascom (Auburn UMC) Auburn
Rev. Kristin White (Green St. UMC) Augusta
Rev. Gwyneth Arrison (Bath UMC) Bath
Rev. Jinwoo Chun (Belfast UMC) Belfast
Rev. Joseph Chamberland (Union Church) Belgrade Lakes
Rev. John Baker-Streevy (Bethel UMC Bolsters Mills UMC) Bethel, Harrison
Pastor Richard M. Rego –  Boothbay Region Cooperative Parish, Boothbay
   (East Boothbay UMC, First UMC of Boothbay Harbor, Southport UMC)
Rev. Sharon Lovejoy (Brunswick UMC) Brunswick
Rev. Michelle Wiley (John St. UMC, People’s UMC) Camden, South Thomaston
Rev. Heidi Chamberland (retired) Farmington
Rev. Kathleen Decker Szakas (Highland Ave. UMC) Gardiner
Rev. Nancy G. Bischoff (Cox Memorial UMC) Hallowell
Rev. Annie Baker-Streevy(Calvary UMC) Lewiston
Rev. Elizabeth J. Bachelder Smith (Lisbon UMC) Lisbon Falls
Pastor Karen Merrill (Mercer UMC, New Sharon UMC) Mercer, New Sharon
Pastor Cheryl Decker (Minot UMC) Minot
Winona S. Prince (East Monmouth UMC)  Monmouth
Jeremiah Smith (United Church of Monmouth) Monmouth
Pastor R. Kelly Harvell (New Harbor UMC, Round Pond UMC) New Harbor, Round Pond
Rev. Sharon Sagat-Stover (Community UMC) North Anson
Pastor Sungmin Jeon (Oakland-Sidney UMC) Oakland
Rev. Dana Beth Wells-Goodwin (Church of Good Fellowship, North Sebago UMC) Naples, Sebago
Pastor Gayle Holden (East Pittston UMC, Dresden Richmond UMC) Pittston, Richmond
Rev. Richard Eifert (Randolph UMC) Randolph
Rev. Myung Eun Park (Readfield UMC) Readfield
Rev. Linda Campbell-Marshall (Aldersgate UMC) Rockland
Robin Chaput (Rumford UMC) Rumford
Pastor Jen Reed (Centenary UMC) Skowhegan
Rev. Dee E. Webber (retired, interim, Strong UMC) Strong
Pastor Karen Garcia (Unity UMC) Unity
Pastor Laura E. M. Church (North Vienna UMC) Vienna
Rev. Thom Blackstone (Pleasant St. UMC) Waterville
Rev. Ruth Merriam (The Wayne Community Church) Wayne
Pastor Rick Dorian (Wilton UMC) Wilton
Julia Dailey, Deacon Belfast

Mid Maine District UMC Office, NEAC
PO Box 89, East Winthrop, ME 04343
Phone: 207-395-4080 Fax:  207-377-4388 Email: