Dispatches from Korea: 2016 NEUMC pilgrimage

The first Methodist Church in Korea. See more photos in gallery at right.

September 21, 2016

Twenty-seven clergy and laity from New England are accompanying Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar on a pilgrimage to Incheon, South Korea, hosted by Bupyeong Methodist Church from Sept. 19-27, 2016.

They are: Bishop and Prema Devadhar, Seok Hwan Hong, Bob Packard, David and Lisa Abbott, John and Rita Blackadar, Cheryl Meachen and Josh Meachen, Abiot Moyo, Richard McSherry, Kathy Macedo, Lourey Savick, Jackie Brannen, Karen Munson, Kathryn and Joseph Saunders, Paul and Omana Maliel, Rebecca Hewett, Beth DiCocco, Janet Powell, Marie MacDougall, Rene Wilbur, Ardelle Gile, Suranjan Maben, and Erica Robinson-Johnson.


Wednesday, Sept. 21: 

Bupyeong Methodist Church senior pastor Rev. Eun-pa Hong. Rev. Hong talks about what he thinks makes Korean Methodism so strong.
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Photo: Rev. Hong

Thursday, Sept. 22: 

Praying aloud in Korea. See and hear the 5 a.m. daily prayer service at Bupyeong Methodist Church. 
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Photo: 5 a.m. prayer at Bupyeong Methodist Church

Thursday, Sept. 22: 

Honoring the founders of Korean Methodism, seeing the fruit: In the 19th century, missionaries to Korea lay the foundations for thriving 21st-century churches. Read the story
Photo: Korea's largest Methodist church

Friday, Sept. 23

New England pilgrims visit two church plants started by the Bupyeong Methodist Church.
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Photo: Kipun Methodist Church

Sunday, Sept. 25

Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar preached during the 11:30 a.m. worship service at Bupyeong Methodist Church
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Photo: Bishop Devadhar with RISEM DS Seok Hwan Hong, translatng

Sunday, Sept. 25

Pilgrims were treated to a concert featured some of the incredible musicians from Bupyeong Methodist Church. Watch the video

Monday, Sept. 26

New England pilgrims visit Imjingak, a park and tourist destination located about 4 miles from the Military Demarcation Line.
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Photo: The observation deck at Imjingak

Tuesday, Sept. 27
Pilgrims reflect on their journey in a few words. Watch the video