Church Conference Form training follow-up materials

August 16, 2023

Recording from the session on Wednesday, Aug. 16, 2023

Recording from the session on Saturday, Aug. 19, 2023

Additional information

Presentation Materials

Here are the slides from the PowerPoint presentation used in the training. 
View/Download the PDF - Revised Aug. 18, 2023

A note about statistical reports 
The August 2023 training sessions pertain ONLY to church conference forms. 
There are other forms that are accessed through the Church Dashboard that are not part of the church conference. For example, the statistical report can be accessed here. However, data for this report is entered through a separate online program called ACStats. The statistical report is due each year on Feb. 14.
While there is some overlap of information from the church conference forms and the statistical report, they are separate. The statistical report is for the calendar year. 

Church Conference Webpage - Now Available

Information about annual Church Conferences has moved from the district pages to a new page that contains all the material you need in one place.
Some of what you'll find:

  • Detailed explanations of forms/due dates
  • Helpful links
  • Worship materials and church conference agenda

Visit the page

Coming soon ...

Weekly Zoom Q&A

 In this live weekly session, Database Manager Lisa Abbott, Regional Administrators and other staffers will be available to answer your questions and talk you through the new processes. The drop-in sessions are open to all.
First session 1-2 pm on Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2023
Zoom link

Submit your questions

While the team has worked hard to test the forms and troubleshoot our new processes, we know that there will be some situations we haven't addressed and that you may have questions. This online form will allow you to submit your question/s and get a response from the team.