Changes made to UMCOR relief supply kit contents

Volunteers at UMCOR Sager Brown in Baldwin, LA. Photo courtesy of Sager Brown.

July 31, 2018

It’s important to keep up with significant changes by checking the UMCOR website each time churches plan to construct kits to make purchases correctly. In June, UMCOR announced changes to the contents required for its kits. (See the new guidelines below).  The director for UMCOR Sager Brown and Depot West relief supplies, Amy Fuselier, helps to oversee changes to the relief supply kits, and says supply kit lists do change from time to time. 

All the kits have changes; one example: Sponges have been removed from the list of supplies in the cleaning buckets due to the challenge volunteers have had in locating the non-cellulose sponges, which prevent mildew. Non-cellulose sponges now will be added to each bucket when they arrive at the affiliate warehouse.

“The updated lists offer flexibility to the donor in purchasing supplies,” said Fuselier. “The new lists help us to be better stewards of the donor’s dollar. The intended goal is to make the process a lot more donor-friendly. For any kits that may have items slightly different from the new list, we will continue to accept them as they are during the coming months.”  

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