Celebrating 25 years of the Order of Deacons

August 23, 2021

The 1996 General Conference established the Order of Deacons. To mark the 25th anniversary of the order, we will share short profiles of a few of the New England Conference’s deacons. While elders are called to lead congregations in ministry and mission, deacons are called to connect baptized Christians with their ministries in the world. 
In 2016, UM News reported that “44 percent of deacons report that their primary appointment is beyond the local church: They serve as teachers, lawyers, writers, church-growth consultants, nonprofit agency staff or any number of other professions.” That, according to the report, marked a significant change from the year 2000, when research showed 70 percent had their primary appointment to a church.

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Over 5 weeks, we shared profiles of NEAC deacons, meet them here:
Rev. Sally Havens


 Rev. Corrie Hermans-Webster

Rev. Elizabeth Kubota


 Rev. Barbara L. Schreier

Rev. Natalie Hill