Black History Month: Interview with William McClain

February 07, 2017

The Rev. Dr. William "Bobby" McClain is a retired elder in the New England Conference. In May 2016, we interviewed Dr. McClain about his experiences serving churches in the segregated South and his work in the Civil Rights Movement. In September 1963, Dr. McClain was the first African American to get a library card from the then Carnegie Library in Anniston, Alabama, effectively integrating the library. Click the images to see the four video interviews.

Dr. McClain tells of meeting Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. McClain talks about what Anniston, Ala., was like in 1963 and formation of a plan to peacefully integrate the library.

Dr. McClain tells the story of Sept. 15-16, 1963 when he helped integrate the library.

Dr. McClain describes a harrowing ride to Birmingham.