Black history in the New England Conference

August 17, 2020

Beginning in late July 2020, New England Conference Historian Rev. Patricia J. Thompson began making available updated versions of some materials and stories that were originally published in the early 2000’s as “The Invisible Made Visible: A Brief Overview of African American History in the New England Conference of The United Methodist Church.”

Read the first installment in this series, which provides an overview of African American history in the New England Conference. 

Aug. 5: We shared a piece about Rev. Samuel Snowden, the New England Conference’s first African American pastor. Read about Rev. Snowden

Aug. 19: Learn about Rev. Snowden's children continued his legacy. Read Carrying on the Tradition

Sept. 23: We shared the story of Rev. John Newton Mars (1804-1884): New England Cleric and Celebrated Standard Bearer in the Wesleyan Tradition. Read about Rev. Mars

Oct. 7: Learn about the Rev. George S. Brown: Fiery Holiness Preacher, missionary to Liberia, and renowned stone mason. Read about Rev. Brown