Bishop Devadhar visits the Vermont District

August 08, 2018

On Thursday and Friday, August 2 & 3, Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar and his wife, Prema, visited Vermont.

Their first stop was for breakfast in Windsor on Thursday.

The following is from a Facebook posting by Rachel’s Kitchen, the community mission of Rachel S. Harlow UMC in Windsor, VT:

Bishop Suda Devadar, the spiritual leader of the New England UMC and his wife Prema, assisted this morning. We served 51 meals including a room full of children from the Windsor Rec Center. We have already set a record this week with 125 meals served, and we still have one more day to go. Rachel's Kitchen is a community mission that was started by Rachel S. Harlow UMC in Windsor, VT.

Among other places the Devadhars visited was Covenant Hills Camp in Cabot, Vermont.

For some pictures of these 2 stops, please view the Photo Album!