Ask the New England Conference Statistician

Conference Statistician Joy Mueller gives her report - and a quiz - at the 2018 Annual Conference session.

September 17, 2018

At the 2018 Annual Conference session in June, attendees participated in a statistics quiz that was both fun and informative. (Take the quiz here.) 

Participants were invited to submit any additional questions they have to Statistician Joy Mueller; here's one:  

QUESTION: How many people are members of United Methodist churches in each New England state? And as a follow-up, what percentage of each state’s population are United Methodists? 

ANSWER: The chart below gives data from the 2017 statistical reports and the U.S. Census Bureau that help answer these questions. At the close of 2017, there were 592 churches in the New England Conference. The total professing membership for all churches was 78,982 people. 
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The U.S. Census Bureau provides population estimates for people over the age of 18 in each state. Although, this doesn’t directly correspond to the ages represented in our membership (we have professed members who are under the age of 18), it gives us a rough measure of percentage of the population. 

The number of United Methodist members ranges from 5,148 in Rhode Island to 31,554 in Massachusetts. The estimate for the percentage of state population who are members of a United Methodist Church ranges from 0.6% in Massachusetts and Rhode Island to 1.8% in Vermont.
Additional questions can be submitted to the statistician by emailing Joy Mueller at

State Number of Churches Total Membership State Population (Over 18 years of age) * Estimated Percentage of State Population who are members of United Methodist Church
CT** 31 5,440    
MA 186 31,554 5,487,847 0.6%
ME 154 16,766 1,083,421 1.5%
NH 83 10,723 1,083,636 1.0%
RI 22 5,148 851,950 0.6%
VT 116 9,351 507,033 1.8%
New England Conference 592 78,982    
* State Populations from U.S. Census Bureau - Resident Population Quick Facts
** New England Conference covers only a portion of Connecticut (east of the Connecticut River).