A Summer Like No Other - a note from Camp Mechuwana

September 02, 2020

It is hard to explain what the last five months have been like at Mechuwana.

Sometime in the first two weeks of March we got a call from two of our sons that their college, like thousands of others, was closing for rest of the semester. At the same time K-12 schools began to close all over the state of Maine. School systems tried their best to figure out how to get food to their students.

Because Mechuwana had been already set up as a summer feeding site where children who qualified were provided with meals, we were in a special position to jump into action. I quickly called my friends at the state school lunch program. Within 48 hours, we were set up as Pandemic Emergency Food Site where food could be prepared and then handed out at certain locations. We were given two sites at first; with the help of volunteers and school food workers from Monmouth, we were able to put together the first week of meals. READ MORE...