NE Churches can help food pantries be winners on Super Bowl Sunday

January 20, 2015

The churches of the New England Conference have been challenged by our brothers and sisters in the Pacific Northwest Conference – home of the Seattle Seahawks – to a food

collection challenge.

When the New England Patriots faceoff against the Seahawks in the Super Bowl many fans will be enjoying an abundance of amazing food, but others in our communities are not so fortunate. The United in Red, White and Blue: A Food Collection Challenge seeks to collect canned goods and cash donations to support local food pantries and help make abundance a gift for all to share.

It is hoped that at least 100 churches across our Conference will volunteer to serve as drop-off sites for the donations. Churches can set a time to collect donations on Super Bowl Sunday, which is Feb. 1, 2015, or accept donations at any time between now and the Super Bowl that.

To become a drop-off location, simply visit the United in Red, White and Blue Facebook page and post your church name, address and times when you can accept donations.

All the details, including distribution of the collected items and how to “tally the score” can be found on the United in Red, White and Blue website.

Whether the Pats take the championship is out of our hands, but this is a challenge we can certainly win together.

Want to check out the competition?

Visit the Pacific Northwest United in Blue website:

Visit their Facebook page: