Whitteberry loan fund available to help build or renovate churches

January 14, 2015

The New England Conference is blessed by and thankful to the Rev. Paul N. Whitteberry for his generosity, his foresight and his passion for keeping our churches structurally sound as beacons of God’s light. 

Rev. Whitteberry and his wife established The Paul and Marjorie Whitteberry Congregational Development Revolving Loan Fund in 1986 for churches in the former Southern New England Conference.  The fund was designed for "capital development of lands and buildings for sanctuaries, class facilities, meeting rooms and parsonages as well as the purchase of land for church extension.  Money may be loaned to new congregations as well as existing congregations which have capital building and renovation needs."

Also in 1986, Rev. Whitteberry established a life insurance policy payable to the conference and to be added to this fund upon his death. He also set up a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) at the United Methodist Foundation of New England with the revolving loan fund as the designated beneficiary. 

Rev. Whitteberry passed away on Oct.14, 2014, and the Conference has already received the proceeds of the CRT from the foundation. Upon receipt of the payout of the life insurance policy, the fund will have over $950,000 available for loans. Currently, the fund has $194,000 loaned out to churches.

The theology behind this loan fund is biblically based – that we help one another grow, so as funds are repaid, they become available for others’ use. If your church is planning an expansion or renovation, be aware that the Whitteberry Revolving Loan Fund is a source that could help provide more or better room to serve. 

The fund is administered by the Conference Board of Trustees and an application is available in the Form Finder section of this site.

About Rev. Whitteberry

Rev. Whitteberry began his service as pastor of the Oak Square United Methodist Church in Brighton, MA in 1953. It was there that he met his wife, Marjorie. He served as pastor for 38 years in 10 churches in the former Southern New England Conference of The United Methodist Church. He also had a passion to revitalize and repair the buildings and grounds of the churches in which he served.

The New England Conference offered its condolences to Rev. Whitteberry’s family and shares in their grief over the loss this wonderful and spiritually-grounded benefactor and faithful steward.

Submitted by Bill Burnside, Treasurer/Director of Administrative Services