The Tabernacle Nazareth in Nandasmo, Nicaragua

February 07, 2013

The Church of Christ in Nicaragua (Assoc. Iglesias de Cristo de Nicaragua or AICN), a ministry and covenant partner with the New England Conference, is undergoing the contruction of a new conference site, and is requesting support from New England United Methodist churches.
New Facility Needed.
The site of the AICN’s Annual Conference in Nandasmo is dilapidated beyond repair. This Christian denomination, which has a 27-year Covenant with the New England Conference, has begun an ambitious project to replace their hall and sleeping quarters with new construction. The new facility is named The Tabernacle Nazareth in Nandasmo.
This project has cleared the Nandasmo site, poured the foundation and erected eight of 12 required trusses that will support the roof. The AICN is requesting 10 NEC churches to support their construction project at $971 each, raising $9,710 to erect the last four trusses and purchase 176 sheets of Zinc roofing.
Supporting Key Ministries.
In addition to a place for their Annual Conference, this facility will also be a place for the training of women, children, youth, pastors, as well as a place for AICN churches and the community to gather.
This request was first made when Rev. Bill Taylor was visiting Nicaragua and meeting with the AICN leadership in November, 2012. Those considering support for this project should contact Bill at who will put you in touch with Otoniel Cortez, the AICN President.