Parishioner Donates Building to New England Conference

February 17, 2011

House will be a resource for ministry in the City of Lawrence, Massachusetts

A member of one of the United Methodist churches in the New England Conference (regional) has given the gift of a 2700 square foot house in Lawrence, Massachusetts to the Conference. The house has recently undergone significant renovations, and the addition of this property to the New England Conference will extend the church’s presence and ministry in the City of Lawrence and surrounding area.

The church member who donated the property wishes to remain anonymous. However, Peter D. Weaver, Bishop of the New England Conference of The United Methodist Church, commented that this kind of generosity can only come from a life that is deeply committed to God and to the mission of the church.

“Saints are not just those who have passed on, but also those who are living among us today, and we give thanks to God this faithful saint with a heart for the ministry of the church and for the people of the City of Lawrence,” Bishop Weaver said. “We envision this property as a tremendous resource from which we can offer church and community members respite, opportunities for learning and study, spiritual fellowship and support, and community service, as we engage one another in ministry and seek to follow Christ.”

The property was consecrated at a celebration service on Tuesday, February 8 at the house, which is located at 635 Haverhill Street in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Bishop Peter Weaver led the invited guests in a celebration service as the house was blessed for the ministry that will happen within the walls, as well the ministry that will be moved out of the doors of the building and into the community.

The Conference and the district office are working on ministry plans in close cooperation with Christ United Methodist Church, the local congregation in Lawrence. While the building will remain a Conference property, it is hoped that this congregation will take a leadership role in the ministries as the vision for the potential uses of this resource in Lawrence and the surrounding communities takes shape.

The New England Conference of The United Methodist Church moved its headquarters from Boston to Lawrence, Massachusetts in the mid 1990s. The church’s commitment to supporting the needs of the community was expanded through new partnerships with organizations like Neighbors in Need and Communities Together, both of which lease and operate from space in The United Methodist headquarters building on Essex Street in Lawrence. The addition of the house on Haverhill Street will add a new dimension to the ministries of the Conference in the city.


Inivited guests join in the consecration service led by Bishop Peter D. Weaver