Found in the church newsletter ... September 2015

September 18, 2015

Church newsletters are packed with all kinds of useful information. Each month, we share some tips and ideas found in newsletters from churches across New England.

September 2015

A compromise on name tags 
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Some folks wear them every Sunday … Some folks just say “no,” but wish everyone else just went along. Truth is, name tags help everyone to learn and remember names, whether you’re a long-time member or a visitor, and as such is part of our ministry of hospitality. Our solution here at Londonderry United Methodist Church in New Hampshire is to wear our nametags on the first Sunday of the month, Communion Sunday.  … You’ll be surprised at the smiles you get when you call your brothers and sisters in Christ by name – and at how good it feels to hear your own name spoken by them!
Church celebrities  
The newsletter from Aldersgate UMC in Chelmsford, MA features a “Church Celebrity Spotlight,” a short profile that “recognizes church members who are doing wonderful things!” A recent celebrity was a high schooler who painted a Noah’s Ark mural in the crib room. This is a great way for folks to get to know each other and know that they are appreciated.
No roadblocks to church  
Mathewson Street UMC in Providence, RI, is in the heart of an urban area where several running events were planned that would block traffic. The newsletter alerted members to the dates and possible disruptions so they could plan ahead. 
Bringing the world to church
Waldoboro United Methodist Church in Maine is celebrating World Communion Sunday by asking members to wear or bring an item that comes from another country or area and speak about that item. “This kind of sharing will help us remember that the whole world will share in the communion elements on that day,” writes Claire Forbes.

Honoring the saints  
For All Saints Day, Nov. 1, Heritage United Methodist Church in Braintree, MA, plans to create a bulletin board that will honor departed members of the church with a moment of remembrance of their lives and work within the church. Beginning a couple months ahead of time, members are asked to contribute photos and written memories for inclusion on the board.

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