2016 Mission Shares: 342 churches paid 100 percent or more

February 08, 2017

I am pleased to announce that for the third consecutive year since becoming the New England Conference we have paid 100 percent toward our General Church Apportionment.  

On behalf of the New England Conference, I would like to offer congratulations and thanks to the 342 churches (up from 339 last year) that paid 100 percent or more of their mission shares. We are grateful to all of the churches that paid as they were able; thank you.  

Our churches’ commitment to connectional giving is something to celebrate. Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar, the Cabinet, and the Conference Council on Finance and Administration share that commitment, and paying 100 percent of our apportionment demonstrates that. 

The Conference received 76 percent of mission share receipts in 2016. That’s a 0.2 percentage point decrease from 2015, but a 1.6 percent increase from 2014.  

As members of a connectional church, we are able to be in ministry in New England, across the country and the world in ways that we could not hope to be without each other’s support. Our ministries are making disciples for the transformation of the world, and connectional giving is the foundation of that work. 
Our Conference apportionment of $1,578,467 supports the following: 
  • The Africa University Fund – established by the General Conference in 1972 to support education efforts on the continent of Africa with global reach because of the work of graduates, instructors and support. 
  • The Black College Fund – Supports 11 historically black colleges and universities developing leaders for the church and community.  
  • The Episcopal Fund – supports active and retired bishops and their and their episcopal leadership for the denomination.  
  • The General Administration Fund – supports administrative, collaborative processes throughout the denomination. 
  • The Interdenominational Cooperation Fund – aids the Church in being in ecumenical relationship with other faiths.
  • The Ministerial Education Fund – prepares principled Christian leaders for work throughout the connection of United Methodists. 
  • The World Service Fund – Supports the great diversity of Christian mission throughout the denomination.
Back home in New England, mission shares support a wide range of ministries and opportunities. Here are some examples: 
  • New England Justice for Our Neighbors, which welcomes immigrants by providing affordable, high-quality immigration legal services. At this time, this ministry is more critical than ever.
  • Equitable compensation assures pastoral leadership for congregations all across the New England Conference that would otherwise be unable to provide the minimum clergy salary. 
  • Mission Shares support the Conference’s vital Camping and Retreat Ministry. This year, our camps/retreat center saw an increase in the number of guests and revenue. Three of the four camps finished the year without a deficit.
There were 28 churches that paid more than 100 percent in mission shares and 314 that paid 100 percent in 2016. See that list.

See the full list 2016 mission shares payments by church
Thank you again for your support and prayers; know that you continue to be in our prayers. 

Hope and blessings be with you,  

William V. Burnside II 
Conference Treasurer