Found in the church newsletter ... August 2015

August 20, 2015

Church newsletters are packed with all kinds of useful information. From simple-but-helpful tips to ideas for innovative ministries, you can learn a lot from your church newsletter. The only problem is, other churches don’t usually get to read your news and you don’t see theirs. This feature will highlight some of the great ideas found in church newsletters and share them across the Conference.

August 2015

Hymn verse for the month

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Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Worcester, MA, includes a hymn verse for the month in its newsletter. The traditional hymns are beautiful when sung and also rich theologically. Taking a look at a specific verse in a new context can be a great way to deepen understanding of the text.

Saying goodbye
It's difficult when members move away and leave a church, but the transition can be made easier if they have a chance to say goodbye to the congregation. St. John's United Methodist Church in Dover, NH, offers space in its newsletters for a farewell from members who are moving. If they choose, members can include contact info so others in the church family can stay in touch.

Introducing a new pastor
St. Luke's United Methodist Church in Derry, NH, is getting a new pastor in October. The newsletter included some information from the new pastor's resume as well as some quotes on topics such as worship leadership style and theological stance to help the congregation get to know her.

Birthday in a box
East Greenwich United Methodist Church in Rhode Island took a lesson from its VBS and urged members to create birthday boxes for community organizations that serve children. A wrapped shoebox contains a gift card for the child, party invitations, an add-water only cake mix, balloons, cups and napkins and a birthday hat for the child.

Organizing 'worship-related items'
Christ United Methodist Church in Groton, CT, decided to organize the items such as listening aides, crayons for children and other items that were "cluttering up the windows and benches." Greeters and ushers can now access items in labeled plastic containers in a cabinet in the Narthex. 

Vegetable swap
Strictly speaking this idea came from Facebook, but it's a good one. Too much zucchini and not enough peppers? The Readfield United Methodist Church in Kents Hill, ME, has a weekly Vegetable Harvest Exchange. Gardeners are invited to bring a bag of produce from their garden to swap for a bag from a different harvest. It’s also an opportunity for people to exchange growing tips and recipes.