Preparing for the 'arctic blast'

February 02, 2023

An “arctic blast” is in the forecast for the next few days in New England with temperatures in the single digits and windchill making it feel below zero. 
The risk of severe injury or death and property damage is high. Precautions should be taken seriously. 
Most of our church buildings and parsonages in New England are older structures, so it is crucial to minimize damage from freezing. It is highly recommended that for the next few days, thermostats should be raised 5 to 10° higher than regularly set. This additional increase in temperature will help prevent freezing and other damage. 
Increasing the temperature will use more energy and increase the cost of heating for a few days, however, the additional cost is significantly less than the Insurance deductible for damages.
Please consider the weather conditions when planning and scheduling activities, meetings, and worship services for your churches and communities.  
Please remember to check in on the elderly, those that live alone, and the homeless. 
Check with local government agencies for information or hotline numbers for help with weather-related emergencies.
In the event of damage, please quickly contact your insurer and your District Superintendent.
Pastor David A. Arruda  
Conference Disaster Response Coordinator (Interim)