Connectional Table announces at-large members

July 09, 2015

The Connectional Table is the new center of leadership for the New England Conference, and is charged with stewardship of the vision.
The Connectional Table was proposed in the 2014 Strategic Plan as a way to streamline the work of the Conference’s committee structure.
The Connectional Table announces its six at-large members who were approved as of July 1, 2015. At-large members are nominated by the Lay Leader and the Bishop, and approved by the Nominations Committee. They are selected to help ensure diversity and relate to the Five Critical Values.
Selected as at-large members are:

Kristabeth Atwood, clergy
Steven Dry, laity
Jiyoung Jin, laity
Kim MacLeod, laity
Geisa Matos-Machuca, clergy
Ronald Wilson, clergy
The Connectional Table is empowered to make decisions in between sessions of Annual Conference or to initiate an email/mail ballot of the Annual Conference, if they deem that action more appropriate.
They are fully responsible for communication, collaboration and mutual accountability of the Conference. All areas and agencies are amenable to the Connectional Table.
The Connectional Table will gather representatives from all areas of Conference leadership for an annual visioning retreat to monitor, evaluate, coordinate and develop goals and budget.
The Connectional Table comprises:
Six at-large members, non-staff
Bishop, convener; non-voting
Lay Leader, vice chair
Dean of Cabinet
Director of Connectional Ministries
Board of Ordained Ministry Chair (co-chairs will decide among themselves who will represent BOOM)
President, Conference Board of Trustees