UM ARMY to conquer service projects in NH

July 01, 2015

On July 19, 2015, a group called United Methodist Action Reach-out By Youth (UM ARMY) will be coming to First United Methodist Church in Claremont, NH, to do service projects for anyone who needs a little lift.
The church will be hosting and housing the 70-75 youth and adults from July 19-25. The work that they do is free to the homeowner. These youth and the adults supervising them have experience in home painting, inside and out, gardening, yard work, and other simple home maintenance projects. They do not do electrical or plumbing work.

The UM ARMY will sleep and eat breakfast and lunch at the church each day. The secondary task is to bring joy and friendship to the communities. They will be also making lunch for the persons at the site where they will be working to share quality time with them. 
The team this year has a special talent of building ramps. They have funds to build one ramp with hopes of building another if funds can be secured.  To date we have a family in Newport who will be being helped with a new ramp to make it easier for their child who has a disability to get in and out of the house. 

They will be working in the Newport, Claremont and Charlestown areas.  They have 30 jobs lined up – from a small ramp, stair repairs, railings for safety in and out of a house, inside painting, inside cleaning, outside landscaping and painting, cleaning out sheds, fixing sheds, walkways, window washing, and the list goes on.

Area businesses have offered discounts and gift cards for food and supplies. Any money saved on food or supplies will help to further the group’s great work in the communities. 

This opportunity is amazing and we hope everyone, as they see these youth throughout their communities, (they will be wearing different colors each day), will stop and thank them for their service,” said Deb Snelling, church administrator. 

To learn more or help out, call First United Methodist Church at (603) 542-5783 or email