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June 23, 2015

Bible Study

Bishop Gregory Palmer led the Saturday morning Bible study talking about servanthood using Luke 10:25-37, the parable of the Good Samaritan.
Hear an excerpt.

Laity Address

Janet O’Neil, a member of the Moultonboro UMC in New Hampshire, gave this year’s Laity Address.Read the story

Imagine No Malaria Challenge

The United Methodist Foundation of New England President Jim Mentzer presented Bishop Devadhar with a check for $50,000 – representing a matching grant for the Conference’s Imagine No Malaria campaign.  
Missionary commissioned
Marcelo Gomes, Brazilian Ministry Pastor, USA/Florida, was commissioned. Click the link to learn more about him.

Plenary session

2016 Budget
The proposed budget was approved. Click the link to see the budget and related documents.

Recommendation on Equitable Compensation
Click the link to see the related document.
Committee on Leadership/Nominations
Saturday’s plenary session was dominated by issues surrounding the composition and election of the Nominating Committee as outlined in the Strategic Plan; the plan was adopted at the 2014 Annual Conference session.
Leadership/Nominations co-chairs 
Marie MacDougall and Leeda Marsh.
The Strategic Plan calls for a Nominating Committee made up of the nine District Superintendents and nine laity. The plan was amended at the 2014 session to say that the Nominating Committee would be elected by the Annual Conference.
The details about the Nominating Committee are contained in the 2014 Journal as Appendix A. Appendix A, as it appeared in the Journal, contained an error; the amendment was put in the wrong place. The Journal stated that the Connectional Table rather than the Nominating Committee would be elected by the Annual Conference. Click the links below to read the documents.
During the session, the Rev. Travis Bonnette-Kim made a motion to amend the makeup of the Nominating Committee to include no more than two District Superintendents. 

After discussion, members approved a motion by Sean Delmore and David Nicol to separate the nominations slate from the formation of the Nominations Committee.
Members of the disbanded Committee on Leadership were called to meet over the lunch break and to return with a slate of members for the Nominations Committee.
Former Committee on Leadership co-chairs Leeda Marsh and Marie MacDougall gathered as many former members and representatives of ethnic minority and other groups to join that discussion.
The newly created Committee on Leadership/Nominations returned with the following slate of members (some of which were changed after the presentation at the session).
See the Committee on Leadership/Nominations

Click the links to read the documents:
Stepping Out in Faith - New England Conference Strategic Plan


The members approved the following:
RS-15-207 Ziegler Award process change
In order to be consistent with Bill Ziegler’s legacy, the resolution calls on the Conference Board of Church and Society to take the  full responsibility for the selection of recipients of the Wilbur C. Ziegler Preaching Award each year, by discernment of a selection team nominated and elected by the Board, and that the selection team evaluate the nominations on the basis of (a) each nominee’s engagement with topics of social holiness in the context of their congregation, community, and world, (b) each nominee’s ability to engage the congregation and/or community in the work of transformation of the world, (c) PCEB ACTIONS  each nominee’s grounding of the topic/s in spiritual and theological reflection and engagement, and (d) each nominee’s ability to incarnate the Word to interest, convict, challenge, and compel in preaching.
RS-15-302 - Nonproliferation
The resolution calls on President Obama to live up to the Nonproliferation Treaty binding commitment to engage in international  negotiations for the elimination of all nuclear weapons … that each Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church condemns the new Nuclear Complex program, calls upon Congress to stop it and to devote the resulting $1 trillion in savings over 30 years to pressing human needs, including the environment, affordable housing, public transit, healthcare and  education; and that each Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church urges President Obama to take the U.S. nuclear weapons off hair-trigger alert, and to adopt an unconditional “No-First-Use” policy …”
Resolution 15-301 on divestment
Resolution calls on the General Boards and Agencies of The United Methodist Church and all 38 United Methodist investment managers to remove from their portfolios companies producing goods or services in illegal settlements on occupied land.
RS-15-203 War on Drugs, which states “That the New England Annual Conference supports seeking means other than prohibition to address the problem of substance abuse; and is further resolved to support the mission of the international educational organization Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) to reduce the multitude of unintended harmful consequences resulting from fighting the war on drugs and to lessen the incidence of death, disease, crime, and addiction by ending drug prohibition.”
See the Pre-Conference Booklet for the full text of the resolutions
Criminalization of Communities of Color, which calls on churches to offer safe spaces for town meetings for discussion of and mutual planning to address issue of community-police relations and the broader context of the criminalization of communities of color and disenfranchisement from the justice system.
See the full text in the Late-Breaking Documents