Conference Treasurer/DAS to retire

March 05, 2020

The New England Conference Council on Finance and Administration (CCFA) has received notice of Conference Treasurer/Director of Administrative Services William V. Burnside II's intent to retire at the end of 2020.

Bill has served the Conference in this capacity for more than 10 years.

Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar expressed his deep gratitude to Bill for his ministry.

"It has been a pleasure to work with Bill, who has always been a strong member of the leadership team. Please join me in wishing him all the best in his retirement,” the bishop said.

“Bill Burnside has been an excellent Treasurer for this Conference for more than a decade. He has led us

Bill Burnside

through substantial upgrades in technology and accounting software, the
complicated sale of our former headquarters, purchase and fitting of our new headquarters in Methuen, as well as numerous changes in how we do business," said CCFA Chair Rev. Ralph Howe. "Bill has been an outstanding Treasurer and an incredibly valuable member of our leadership team. We wish him the very best in a well-deserved retirement at the end of this year.”

In his capacity as Treasurer/DAS, Bill works closely with the CCFA, Conference Trustees, the Board of Pensions, the Insurance Committee, the Conference Chancellor and the Bishop and Cabinet. He is a member of the Extended Cabinet.

“Bill, as a long-time Methodist, has always brought a faith-centered approach to his work, which has helped us to keep our eyes on ministry even as we were working with numbers,” Rev. Howe said.

The CCFA will create a team representative of the various facets of the Treasurer/DAS’s work to facilitate the hiring process. We expect the new Treasurer/DAS to be in place by fall in order to work alongside Bill and facilitate a smooth transition.