Annual Conference will remember those who have passed

June 11, 2015

Each year at Annual Conference we remember and honor those who have died in the previous year. This list includes those who died between July 1, 2014 and June 1, 2015. The Memorial Service will be at 2 p.m. on Friday, June 19, 2015.


Martin D. McLee September 10, 1955 – September 6, 2014  Known as a champion for the marginalized, Martin served the New England Conference as pastor and District Superintendent of the Metropolitan Boston Hope District until his election to the episcopacy in July 2012 when he was assigned to the New York Annual Conference.


Kathleen Bevan August 16, 1942 to May 4, 2015  Ordained in the Salvation Army and spouse of Pastor Kenneth Bevan, Kathleen served the Brandon (VT) UMC since 1999 and was an advocate for persons with disabilities.
Harvey H. Collins October 23, 1922 to October 1, 2014  A former design engineer, Harvey became an Associate Member of the Southern New England Conference and served in South Athol, Orange, Putnam, and Medford (Wesley UMC).
Bruce DeWitte October 6, 1952 to January 11, 2015  Bruce served West Brookfield, MA as a local pastor.
Harold R. Hodgson May 1, 1915 to June 9, 2014  Harold served churches in four conferences, lastly at Haven UMC, East Providence RI. He also worked for the UM Committee on Overseas Relief and wrote several books.

Darrell K. Huddleston December 2, 1941 to October 23, 2014  First in parish ministry, Darrell later served as a missionary in both the Congo and former Rhodesia. He was best known as Regional Director of Heifer Project International.
Leslie MacDonald September 13, 1934 to June 29, 2014  Leslie served eight churches in the Southern New England Conference during his 31 years of parish ministry from 1968 to 1999.       
Lynn Grace MacLagan June 19, 1935 to February 13, 2015  Lynn served both United Methodist and American Baptist parishes in New England.
Thomas R. Merrill January 6, 1935 to July 8, 2014  Thomas was a parish minister from 1957 to 2012. His administrative skills were evident in many positions in the former Maine Conference, as well as the Methodist Home in Rockland, ME and UM Foundation.
William L. Shafer Jr. February 10, 1933 to March 3, 2015  Beginning in 1951, Bill served a total of 24 churches in the West Virginia, Maine, and New Hampshire Conferences until retirement in 1994.
Harvey F. Smith January 19, 1924 to February 18, 2015  Especially active in social justice issues and evangelism, Harvey was pastor of seven churches in both the Georgia and New England Conferences.
Kenneth Lee Smith July 28, 1935 to November 12, 2014  First a banker, then a parish minister and chaplain in New England, Kenneth was honored by the Maine Legislature for his many contributions to his home state.
Paul N. Whitteberry April 3, 1925 to October 14, 2014  Paul ministered for 38 years in Massachusetts churches of the New England and Southern New England Conferences from 1952 to 1990.
Gayle M. Woodman February 25, 1947 to January 19, 2015


Lula F. Berry November 26, 1931 to January 7, 2015  Wife of Rev. Bruce Berry, Lula served with him in both the New Hampshire and the Southern New England Conferences.  She was also a floral designer.
Montene “Monte” Bieber November 7, 1923 to April 21, 2015  Partner in ministry and widow of the late Rev. Dr. George Bieber, Monte ran Central Answering Service in Westborough, MA and Corner Lunch Diner in Worcester, MA.        
Harold W. “John” Bigelow November 20, 1920 to January 10, 2014  Husband of the Rev. Janice Rhenow, John worked for the Maine Department of Transportation for many years.
Norma Jean (Schleiger) Brown October 26, 1927 to December 10, 2014  Together with her husband, Rev. Ed Brown, they became missionaries to Peru for 18 years.  Later Norma was treasurer of the former New Hampshire Conference.
Ruth Loane Buzzell January 13, 1925 to January 17, 2015   Ruth was postmaster and partner in the family store in Sangerville, ME, as well as partner in ministry with her late husband, Rev. Sidney Buzzell.  She was well known in many music programs, clown ministry, and a wide range of community activities.
Mary Cannon January 13, 1922 to February 20, 2014  Mary is the surviving spouse of Rev. James Cannon.
Rachel (Merrill) Frye October 2, 1917 to January 18, 2015  Rachel taught in elementary and church schools well into her 90s.  Her parish partnership with her late husband, Rev. Charles Frye took place in the 1950s.
Jeanne E. Gale November 13, 1929 to November 15, 2014  Jeanne taught in elementary schools for many years. She served several churches with her late husband, Rev. Gordon Gale, and owned and operated a hotel in Newport, RI.
Jean Margaret Gray August 5, 1925 to June 16, 2014  Jean and her late husband, Rev. Earl Gray, served churches in the former Maine Conference. 
Donna K. Jackson April 30, 1944 to March 28, 2015  Donna was a legal secretary, store manager, and jewelry saleswoman.  As partner in ministry with her husband, Pastor Bob Jackson, she was very active in lay speaking, teaching and missions.
Mildred C. Kern June 5, 1921 to April 20, 2015  Mildred was a well-known home economics teacher for many years.  She and her late husband, Rev. Charles Kern, served parishes in the Northeast Indiana and New Hampshire Conferences from 1951 to 1988.
John F. Mader October 2, 1925 to November 26, 2014  John and his wife, Shirley, became missionaries to Liberia, where he taught electrical skills and built a retreat house.   He later became an electrical engineer in Saudi Arabia.

Jo Ann Mentzer September 3, 1939 to January 9, 2015  Jo Ann was the wife of Rev. Jim Mentzer, President of the UM Foundation of New England, and a registered nurse for 43 years.

Ruth Sylvia (Nordos) Moore February 23, 1922 to July 28, 2014  Ruth was gifted in foreign languages and linguistics.  She and her late husband, Rev. Alan Moore, served churches in six communities and traveled extensively.
Gloria Ruth Post December 20, 1921 to June 30, 2014  Gloria was a life-long advocate for services to the mentally challenged.  She was partner in ministry with her husband, Rev. John Post, in several churches, and served as President of the Conference UMW leadership team.
Dorothy (Stromberg) Sargeant November 14, 1916 to April 30, 2014 Dorothy and her later husband, Rev. Lorimer Sargeant, served New England churches for 37 years, retiring in 1974.
Dona M. Schutz November 8, 1929 to March 19, 2015  Dona was the widow of the late Rev. Adam J. Schutz, Chaplain in the U.S. Navy for 50 years.
Geneva (Mabey) Smith February 16, 1925 to July 3, 2014  Widow of Rev. Stephen Smith, Geneva worked for the Town of Bellingham, Milford Hospital, and the Mass Dept. of Welfare.
Carol Moore Spivey October 22, 1929 to November 19, 2014  Carol was the widow of the late Rev. William C. Moore.
Sherry Switzer September 27, 1944 to April 16, 2015.  Sherry was the surviving spouse of Rev. Lawrence V. Switzer who served the former Troy Conference.
Jessy Thomas September 10, 1942 to March 30, 2015 Jessy served with her husband, Rev. Cherukara (“CV”) Thomas, at four churches in Maine and four churches in Massachusetts.
Beatrice Taylor Ward April 14, 1913 to October 18, 2014 Beatrice and her late husband, Rev Parker Ward, served 6 churches in the former Troy Conference.  After his untimely death, Beatrice became a dietician at Cape Cod Hospital and Skyline Restaurant, Marlboro, VT.
Adelaide B. (Neal) Williams January 15, 1926 to November 1, 2014  Partner in ministry with Rev. Donald Williams, Adelaide was a pioneer in physical education, teaching at Boston University and four local high schools. She was the first Red Cross water safety instructor at Front Beach, Rockport, MA.
Violette E. (Olson) Young October 18, 1916 to December 14, 2014  Violette served as a U.S. Army nurse from 1942-44 and later at Dickenson Hospital in Rockridge, MA, until 1992.  She was partner in ministry with her husband, Rev. Elmo Young, who pastored two Massachusetts churches and later served as DS of Western Massachusetts.


Melanie Fengler January 12, 1952 to May 24, 2015 was a Lay Member from West Scarborough (ME) UMC and past Lay Leader.