Parish Consultants help churches thrive during transition

April 27, 2015

When a church goes through a "size transition" – from full-time to part-time pastor, for example – there are many questions:  How will the congregation thrive in this new configuration? How will the church's visitation ministry change?  Who will attend to administrative details?  What will the church's outreach into the community look like?  

The New England Parish Consultants can help. 

We offer a three-hour workshop to help identify and address the specific needs in your church's ministry, and can provide ongoing coaching to strengthen the transition from full-time to part-time pastoral support.  

This workshop is also helpful for churches transitioning from a one-church to a multi-church charge.

God's good news can be – and is – proclaimed by churches of all sizes!  

To explore the possibilities of a Size Transition Workshop for your church, contact Barbara Lemmel, Parish Consultant Coordinator, at or (802) 881-3267.