Missionaries Supported by NEUMC Churches

Covenant Relationships

Your church can get involved in supporting our missionaries and learning about the regions, countries and cultures in which they serve. In a covenant relationship, churches partner with a missionary.

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Meet Rebecca Parsons,
Mission Advocate,
Northeastern Jurisdiction

Parsons is a resource for you and your church as you seek to learn, understand, and reach out in mission.

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Click on the names below to read the biographies and learn about the missionaries that are currently supported by New England Conference churches.

Erbele, Evelyn
#10832Z Co-pastor of the Ketchikan First United Methodist Church, Alaska.

Erbele, W. Terence
#10831Z Pastor with Ketchikan First United Methodist Church, Alaska.

#12109Z Serving with Accion Medica Cristiana (Christian Medical Action), a Nicaraguan Christian ecumenical organization.
# 15185Z - Serving Methodist Liaison Office, Middle East region
# 15186Z - Serving Methodist Liaison Office, Middle East region
#10908Z Medical doctor serving in Kathmandu, Nepal, as director of the Nick Simons Institute.
#13171Z Serving in Kathmandu, Nepal, as Adviser to Nutrition Promotion and Consultancy Services.