Manna: Eight Year Clergy Assessment


Rev. Geniese Stanford
Shepherd of Manna

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About Manna

The Eight Year Assessment program was mandated by the 2016 General Conference and requires clergy to engage in a six-month process of personal and professional assessment and development every eight years.

Manna is this Conference's version of the Eight Year Assessment.   

Manna is an opportunity to set aside time and space in your life to invest in you and your well-being. 

For some, Manna will be a time of significant renewal and change in their life and ministry.  For others, Manna will affirm the flourishing that is already present in life and ministry, along with next steps and new growth. 

Wherever you are in life and ministry, we hope that Manna will be a fruitful and enriching experience for you!  

The four phases

The four phases of Manna take place over a period of six months. Participants will receive a cohort invitation about a year before the beginning of phase one.

Phase one: Orientation 

“What does it mean to flourish?”  

The first phase begins with the Orientation Workshop.

Given COVID-19 and to reduce costs, we are planning to hold the orientation workshops via Zoom.

  • Each person will create a personalized plan and timeline for the assessments they will use and other activities they will participate in during Manna.  
  • Manna groups (small groups of 4-5 clergy led by a spiritual director) will also meet for the first time as part of the Orientation Workshop. 
  • Manna groups will meet monthly to focus on spiritual formation, to support each other, and to provide accountability throughout the Manna process.

Phase two: Assessment

"What do I need to flourish?"  

The second phase happens during months 2 to 5. These assessments are used to identify the areas in which you are currently flourishing and the areas that need some attention. 

Various assessment tools will be utilized to look at:

  • ministry effectiveness
  • financial wellbeing 
  • spiritual wellbeing 
  • overall health 

Phase three: Renewal and Planning Retreat

"How will I grow into wellbeing and flourishing?"  

This three-day retreat  will feature sabbath time for rest and relaxation, Manna-group gatherings, and time for each person to develop their personal flourishing and sustaining ministry plan for the next part of their journey. This retreat will end with a celebration and covenant worship service.

Phase four: Celebration 

"What have been the important moments and milestones of my life and ministry?"

We hope that each person will choose to celebrate those milestones and the completion of Manna with their families and their congregations.