Leadership List

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AC Lay Member by Virtue of Office

First Name Last Name Email Role Responsibility
Beverly Abbott-Rowe shdakibj@roadrunner.com Diaconal Minister - Retired
Ruby Blake Msrube65@gmail.com Associate Conference Lay Leader & District Lay Leader
Amanda Bonnette-Kim abonnettekim@gmail.com Chair Young Adult Council
Roberta Bragan rh.bragan@cox.net Deaconness
Paul Carlotto p.carlotto@verizon.net Chair - Scholarship Committee
Karen Cassidy kdcassidy@msn.com District Lay Leader
Susan Chaffee chaffee4@yahoo.com District Lay leader
Clare Chapman clarechapmanncc@gmail.com Co-Chair Personnel Committee
Esther Chung estherc49@gmail.com Korean UMW District President
Donna Costa quincyshores@gmail.com Diaconal Minister - Reired
Carol Crothers Ccrothers91234@roadrunner.com District Lay Leader
Stephanie Cyr Cyrbrass@gmail.com District Lay leader
Janice DiTullio JDJHD@aol.com Dist President UMW
Francy Esteban francyesteban@icloud.com Co-Chair Latino Ministries
Joan Farrar mainemom@gmail.com Associate Conference Lay Leader
Mary Fifield maryelf11@hotmail.com DIstrict Lay Leader
Fay Flanary fayflanary@gmail.com Deaconness
Lucie Fortier lfortier49@gmail.com Deaconess
Nancy Fransen nof42@comcast.net District UMW President
Daniel Genannt dangenannt@comcast.net District Lay Leader
Debra Grehn dgrehn@sbcglobal.net District Lay Leader
Richard Gross whyaregross@yahoo.com Diaconal Minister Retired
Hazel Hammond hbhmnd@roadrunner.com District Lay leader
Linda Hardesty ljmhardesty@gmail.com District UMW President
William Hewig whewig@k-plaw.com Conference Chancellor
Robert Hout bobhout@verizon.net District Lay leader
Carolyn Howard chowardnh@gmail.com Diaconal Minister
Rich Hughen Rahugh@aol.com District Lay Leader
Jiyoung Jin Jiyoungjin@gmail.com President Korean Dist UMW
Jennifer Jordan seacoast.layregistrar@gmail.com Director of Lay Servant Ministry
Joan Klein lavendarbbw@yahoo.com Connectional Table co-chair
Tom Leach tml7587@gmail.com Conference UMM President
Michael Leonard michaelinmaine@gmail.com District Lay Leader
Marie MacDougall mariemacdougall41@gmail.com District UMW President
Breanne MacFarland breanne.macfarland@gmail.com Chair Native American Ministries
Catherine MacGovern rich-mac@comcast.net Diaconal Minister - Retired
Arlene Mackie Arlene.Mackie@comcast.net Women's Division Program Advisory Group
Bonnie Marden bonmarden@gmail.com Chp COLN
Bruce Maxwell bpmaxwell@verizon.net co-chair Insurance Committee
Dorothy McMahan dotmcm@gmail.com Diaconal Minister - Retired
Sharon Merrill sleinom@gmail.com District Lay Leader
Carolyn Mitchell cmswiftrd@aol.com District Lay Leader
Joseph Moser jmoser@moserlawmaine.com Chair - Committee on Investigation
Theresa Mudgett tmudgett@roadrunner.com District Lay Leader
Joy Mueller joyemueller@comcast.net Statistician
Pam Palm presque4@yahoo.com DIstrict Lay Leader
Karen Pehrson pehrsonk@gmail.com CRM
Samuel Purushotham spurushotham0407@gmail.com GC- Board of Publications
LaVergne Randolph lvrandolphjr@gmail.com co-chair Insurance Committee
Belinda Scott Belinda1450@yahoo.com UMW District President