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Rhode Island / Southeastern Massachusetts District
District Director of Lay Servant Ministries
Ruth Koha James


RISEM District Lay Servant Ministries

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 From the on Laity:  “Methodism, in all its roots, has a long history celebrating and recognizing the ministry of the laity. In the early days of American Methodism, the laity served and maintained congregations between visits of the circuit riders. Today, lay people are the front line of daily ministry at the workplace, in the home and within the community.”


As we grow in Christ, we begin to truly recognize ourselves as His disciples, and the longing in our hearts to serve Him becomes undeniable. The UMC Lay Servant Ministries are here to support you as you come to discover what lay serving is all about, and to help you to identify your spiritual gifts.

There are numerous classes offered for all levels and areas of service to Christ in the church and your community. Whether God is calling you to lead a prayer group, teach Sunday school, host a bible study, do shut-in visitations, sing in the choir, or even fill in at the pulpit, the areas to serve are so numerous. You will surely find Servanthood a journey well-traveled.

Here’s a list of RISEM District Lay Servant Courses, instructions for registering for them are included in the course information. It all starts with the basic course. If you don’t see a current offering for the basic course, please email so we can locate one for you.

Please use the following resources for more information on Lay Ministries.

NEUMC Lay Servants & Speakers  An explanation of Lay Servant Ministries and the requirements for basic and certified servants.

2018 Lay Servant Ministries Resource Catalog

2017 Lay Ministry Equipping Resources Catalog

Certified Lay Servant Annual Report

Certified Lay Speaker Annual Report

Differences and requirements for certification of Lay Servants, Lay Speakers, & Lay Ministers A source for online courses, including those required for Lay Speaker status


Important Reminder: A refresher course is required every three years to remain a Local Church Lay Servant. To become a Certified Lay Servant and serve outside your local congregation, you must take one advanced course and continue by taking at least one advanced course every three years. All Local Church and Certified Lay Servants must submit an annual report of activities to their respective charge conference.