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United Methodist response to HIV/AIDS

Observing World AIDS Day

For other World AIDS Day (Dec. 1) resources, visit There are some great posters and other resources which you can download and use to promote World AIDS Day in your congregation.

Global AIDS Committee

The New England Annual Conference has adopted three resolutions that encourage local churches to set aside one Sunday each year for Global AIDS Awareness, in order to educate our members and raise funds to support our denomination’s effort to halt the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
They state in part:
  • We seek to be disciples of the One who came to bring good news to the poor, and who sent his disciples out to witness and to heal;
  • Over 40 million persons globally are living with HIV and AIDS, and 9,000 people die from AIDS every day;
  • The HIV pandemic causes 5 million persons to be infected and 3 million lives to be lost each year;
  • There are more than 15 million AIDS orphans in Africa alone;
  • We affirm that the world’s leading governments and the United Nations have contributed significant resources aimed at HIV prevention and treatment;
“Churches cannot conquer AIDS alone, but it will not happen without us.”  
– United Methodist Bishop Felton May