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  • Stay connected with New England UMC and the Imagine No Malaria Campaign
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  • Resource Page – videos, posters, and more!
  • History of healing: English, Korean, Spanish
  • Fact sheet: English, Korean, Spanish

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 No single organization can beat malaria—we must all work together to do our part against this killer disease. The Imagine No Malaria advocacy network urges support from the U.S. Congress to protect funding for malaria programs in Africa. Representatives from our New England Conference INM Team have been to Washington.

Help urge action from Congress to preserve U.S. global health funds until the end of preventable deaths from malaria.

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It will take a global village to beat malaria.  So, get your family, church, college and entire community involved!  It's easier than you think.


A gift to Imagine No Malaria changes lives – your pledge helps provide bed nets, medicine and training to health workers. This is a small sacrifice that means the difference between life and death in Africa.

United Methodist churches everywhere have been revitalized by including these messages of hope in worship services, Sunday School programs and church-wide events. Imagine No Malaria is a great opportunity for young people to make an impact.

We have lots of ideas for youthfamilies, and churches.

Visit our resource library for more ideas and church worship resources available to support your efforts! Order online or call (888) 346-3862 to get yours today!

Community Engagement

Expect to change the world.

This work in Africa is our United Methodist faith in action. Bringing this mission outside the church, into your community, is a great way to rethink how we live our faith on a daily basis.

Make Imagine No Malaria part of how we Rethink Church.

College Connection

College students have a powerful voice for social issues. Malaria represents the ultimate injustice – where you live shouldn't determine whether you live.

Every day, more college campuses are joining the movement. Find out more.