Fresh Air Series


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Breathe New Life into Your Congregation!

The New England Conference Spiritual Formation Initiative is pleased to offer a series of three-hour programs, called Fresh Air, which can be held in local churches to promote spiritual formation. A trained retreat leader will come to your church at a time convenient for you. Each module has an experiential component to help deepen spiritual practices.

The first of these modules is available now: Deepening the Congregation's Prayer Life. Experience and learn about Breath Prayer, Daily Prayer, Prayer Groups, and more.

Deepening Our Children's Spirituality is ready for some pilot presentations as we work out its final form. The purpose of this module is to better equip families with children to become aware of and live out their faith at home as a means of furthering their family's spiritual development. If your congregation would like to participate in this program and provide constructive feedback as we fine tune it, reach out to the contacts on the Spiritual Formation page.