CC: Certification of Payment 2015-2024

Pastor's certification of payment by the local church

CC: GCFA - Annual Report of the Committee on Finance (PDF)

This PDF file is the official report form for the Charge Conference. It is a PDF file that can be filled out on the computer, then printed. It is from GCFA.

CC: Housing Allowance Exclusion and Worksheet (Clergy and SPRC)

Form for Designating either a Housing Exclusion or a Housing Allowance. Revised July 2013

CC: Lay Servant Annual Report

This file may be completed on your computer. Right-click and select "Save target as..." Save to a folder on your computer and complete. Open it using Adobe (do not open it in your web browser). You need Adobe Reader XI in order to save your changes. Do a test save before you do the entire form to make sure the "save" is working! There is also a Word version that can be printed and filled in by hand. Look for it in FORMS.

CC: Minutes of the Charge Conference

This is the GCFA version - a PDF file than can filled out on the computer and printed out or emailed.

Tri-State - Church Conference Worship Guide 2019

Tri-State Clergy and Laity serving to prepare for church conferences 2019 ~ Worship Guide and Leader Script