CC: Guidelines for VT District Forms Due at Church Conf

Description of reports and preparation guidelines for reports due at the time of Church Conferences.

CC: Lay Servant Annual Report

This file may be completed on your computer. Right-click and select "Save target as..." Save to a folder on your computer and complete. Open it using Adobe (do not open it in your web browser). You need Adobe Reader XI in order to save your changes. Do a test save before you do the entire form to make sure the "save" is working! There is also a Word version that can be printed and filled in by hand. Look for it in FORMS.

VMT District UMW Annual Report

Annual report form for local UMW units

VMT District UMW Local Unit Officers

For local UMW units to submit with officer contact info

VMT Lay Servant Ministries Request and Recommendation

Request and Recommendation form for Vermont District Lay Speaking Ministries classes.