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Leadership Training for Trustees
Wed, March 29th - 7 pm via Zoom

What does it mean to be a Local Church Trustee in The United Methodist Church today?

In this online training led by New England Conference Trustees Chairperson Rev. Mark Monson Alley, we’ll talk about the Board of Trustees and its importance in the life of the local church, its structure, functions and how it relates to the rest of the ministries of the congregation.

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Leadership Training for SPRCs
Wednesday, April 12, 2023; 7:00 pm; Zoom

In this online training, District Superintendents Rev. Jill Colley Robinson and Rev. We Hyun Chang will cover SPRC roles/duties, effective SPRC ministry and SPRC resources. Participants are encouraged to submit questions/topics in advance of the training upon registration.
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Appointment Transition Workshops 2023

Attendance at a transition workshop is an important piece of a successful pastoral transition. Two workshops have been scheduled for 2023. Each will be held by Zoom.  Full-time pastors and at least one member of the SPRC for congregations that are being served by full-time pastors are required to attend one of these.  Part-time pastors and at least one member of the SPRC for congregations that are being served by part-time pastors are strongly encouraged to attend one of these.

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Church Leadership Training Feb 12, 2022 - SPRC/Trustees/Finance 

The New England Conference offered online leadership training on several topics on Saturday, February 12, 2022 

Recording and Resources HERE