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Advanced Lay Servant Courses Starting in January

Course information, registration forms, and meeting links may be found here.

Appointment Transition Workshops 2021

Managing the Change of Pastor with Grace, Gratitude, & Hope

Please read this letter from Bishop Devadhar which includes a transition calendar which you are encouraged to use: Letter from Bishop Devadhar.

A PowerPoint presentation will be used during the workshop. Here is a handout of the slides: Transition Workshop.

A recording of the workshop may be found here

Below are three sections of a virtual notebook (download, save the links, or print as desired). Section Three is provided in 3 parts below because of size.

Sections One & Two (Note: Accompanying material for Section One is in the PowerPoint slide handout above)

Section Three part A

Section Three part B

Section Three part C 

(Note: The Right Start link below has updated versions of some of the Section Three pages. Here is an updated version of the Treasurer/Pastor Checklist found in Section Three C.)

Please watch the Cross Cultural/Cross Racial Appointments video before the workshop if possible.

To help congregations and pastors transition successfully in these challenging times, the Lewis Center is offering the The Right Start - Beginning Ministry in a New Setting COVID-19 Supplement  free-of-charge. It can be viewed on the site as well as downloaded. 

Frequently requested documents from the "notebook":

History Sharing Experience

Quarterly Assessment Report


NEAC Church Leadership Training
For: Staff Parish Relations Committees, Church Treasurers, and Church Trustees

The New England Conference offered online leadership training for SPRC Teams, Church Treasurers, and Church Trustees. Presenters were Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar (SPRC Workshop) and Conference Treasurer/Director of Administrative Services, John Cardillo (Treasurers and Trustees Workshops). Zoom recordings and resources from those sessions are available here.