Thursday, June 8, 2023 to Saturday, June 10, 2023
AC23 volunteers needed to be ushers, recording secretaries
Annual Conference requires many volunteers to be successful. We are seeking Ushers and Recording Secretaries to serve throughout our time together. 

Usher shifts are designed so you can still engage with the Annual Conference. You may sign up for one shift or for a couple back to back. What we do ask is that when signing up you make a firm commitment and bring your best self to serve. You are the face of hospitality at AC2023 and that is an exciting place to be!
Ushers who have served in previous years will mentor first timers. There will also be an orientation session for those who volunteer.
Responsibilities of Ushers:
  • Assist with directions, material distribution, and with seating
  • Gather offering boxes, stand with them, and return them for processing
  • If you are technically inclined, then you may assist members in signing into the Wi-Fi, navigating the voting and getting recognized platforms
A concise and accurate record of the proceedings of the Annual Conference is a key component of the official Conference Journal. All you need is a laptop or a tablet, and comfort with word processing software. This written record is concise, so fast typing is not a requirement – just keen attention to the key details of the proceedings.
Given the nature of this work, we prefer volunteers serve for the duration of the conference, but you can sign up for a specific day/s. 
Volunteers will be provided templates for recording commonly occurring items as well as last year’s minutes so you have a sample to  work from. If needed, an orientation session will be set up before the Annual Conference for those who volunteer.
Responsibilities of Recording Secretaries:
  • Capture a real-time written record of the work of the Annual Conference for the official Daily Proceedings minutes
  • Volunteers are expected to bring their own devices – laptop or tablet
  • You can serve online or in person