2023 Tending the Fire — online
Tuesday, March 7, 2023 to Thursday, March 9, 2023

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Rev. Barbara Lemmel

“Tending the Fire’s spirit-filled retreats are personally and professionally transformative: coaching for effective leadership and invitation to self-discovery all rolled into one. Don’t miss this!”  —  Rev. Alison Patton,  Saugatuck Congr. Church, Westport, CT 

There’s no going back to who we were. Your church needs your leadership more than ever as we move out of the pandemic. The way forward isn’t always clear, yet, as a leader, you face pressure for solutions and plans.

Tending the Fire can help you be a healthy, non-anxious leader. It teaches you how to use the energy of challenging situations to move forward in healthy, strategic directions. You’ll learn how anxiety affects the places where you lead and serve — and how anxiety affects you — and you’ll learn practical, effective tools to decrease those anxious effects.  
Most importantly, Tending the Fire builds your resilience. TF doesn’t make everything all better; TF helps you be better, so that you can meet the challenges of these days with strength, clarity, grace and wisdom. 

Tending the Fire’s usual in-person retreats are being offered online in a series of three redesigned multi-day sessions, offering a combination of group learning and individual instruction that nurtures both leadership development and personal transformation. Small class sizes allow more personal attention and interpersonal interaction as participants develop leadership skills and systemic engagement in their own settings.

The Opening Session is March 7-9, 2023​. Register online using the button above or fill out and return this registration flyer, which includes additional details. 

Limited space is still available.  

Additional Dates:
Opening Session March 7-9, 2023
Deepening Session May 2-4, 2023
Sending Session May 30-June 1, 2023

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