Thursday, June 9, 2022 to Saturday, June 11, 2022
Spiritual Triage Team: In-session support & pastoral care
During our Holy Conferencing, sometimes conversations can get heated or lead to frustration. 
We recognize that we all bring our whole selves, our experiences, and lives into these spaces.
At this year’s Annual Conference, the newly created Spiritual Triage Team will be available to provide spiritual and pastoral care to help all of us remember that God is present even when we are struggling with topics related to our Church and faith.
The Spiritual Triage Team consists of spiritual directors, certified lay ministers, Stephen Ministries graduates, and others trained in pastoral/spiritual care. Team members will be available both online and in person during the plenary sessions.
All conversations with team members are confidential. It is important to remember that while the team can provide spiritual and pastoral care, members are not trained mental health professionals.
Those participating online will be able to engage with a Spiritual Triage Team member via Zoom (using a different link from the AC session). To contact a team member, simply enter “Triage” into the Q&A, and a member will reach out to you with the Zoom link. While on the team Zoom, participants can continue to watch the events of the plenary via the livestream.
In person
Team members will be in several locations in and around the Expo Center plenary space:
  • At the central prayer station area
  • At a table in the back of the room
  • Around the CRM campfire (in the hallway)
  • A triage room near the plenary is also available for folks to facilitate more private conversations (Spaulding; see hotel map). 
To contact a team member, folks can visit the Spiritual Triage Team table, which will be well marked, or flag down a team member using one of the hot pink cards that will be available at each table.
Questions about the Spiritual Triage Team can be directed to Pastor Alicia Velez Stewart at avstewart@gmail.com or Larry Jay at lawrence.jay@rollingridge.org