[GIVING[[JESUS]]GENEROSITY] - Mid Maine Resource Day
Saturday, May 18, 2019 at 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

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320 Church Rd
Brunswick, ME 04011

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Lori Umberhind, AA MME District

No matter how you figure it...
[JESUS] is our center
[GIVING JESUS] is our mission
[JESUS GENEROSITY] is our lifestyle

The goal of this resource day is to empower laity to become leaders in the practice of individual and
communal generosity as a spiritual discipline. Bring a team from your congregation to learn the biblical,
personal, and practical perspectives of stewardship and generosity and how to apply it to the life of your
faith community. Share together in this learning and interactive process AND bring your pastor as well!

THEOLOGY OF GIVING – What do the scriptures tell us about giving?
WHY DO I GIVE AS I DO? – What forms our understanding of giving?
BEST STEWARDSHIP PRACTICES – Sharing stories & what has worked
A LIFESTYLE OF GENEROSITY – Steps we can take to grow in our personal spiritual practices
PRESENTERS: Rev. Dr. Andrew Foster / Gary Melville / Jim Mentzer / David Abbott / and YOU!
Donation Suggestion for Lunch $10.00

Presented by: The United Methodist Foundation of New England