Deliberate Dialogue Observations

Greetings RISEM “Clay” (Clergy & Laity),

I am so grateful and thankful to God for what I experienced at our Deliberate Dialogues last week. I want to thank Pastors Elisabeth Smith (Asbury), Ernest Belisle (South Yarmouth), and Neil Sandy Sweet (Memorial) for hosting our gatherings. We had a total of 42 persons attend our dialogues. Thank you for seeing the importance of being present.

As promised, I wanted to share some of my observations, reminders, power point, and the list of Comfort Food shared during our “Comfort Food Exercise”.

My Observations: We need each other; we enjoy talking to each other, and we enjoy food!



  • Please check the district and conference website on a weekly basis to stay informed.
  • RSVP for DS Installation on September 24th @ 3:00 P.M. (Faith Community Church in Plymouth, MA) 
  • Review the new church conference forms and share with your leadership to ensure 100% of forms are turned in by the due dates.
  • We agreed that we need to “reboot” our clusters. I’m asking all cluster leaders to reach out to the pastors in their area to see how we can reboot our clusters and inform me of when that is done so that I can be supportive.
  • RSVP for Bishop’s Day on the District (October 19th 5-8 pm) Please bring 5 laypersons
  • Our Lay Servant Ministry is gaining momentum as we anticipate the Lay Academy on November 11 & 18th.
  • Share prayer concerns/joys to Sue Leatherwood to be shared with our RISEM churches


RISEM Comfort Food: chocolate, yellow squash, Korean brown rise (Bob), macaroni & cheese, scallop potatoes, pineapple upside down cake, butterscotch meringue pie, black forest cake, Korean chicken/ribs, thighs, death by chocolate, homemade chicken noodles over mashed potatoes, popcorn with real butter, macaroni and stewed tomatoes, spam. Dumplings, boiled bananas, plantain, salted cod-fish, steamers, clams, banana pudding with chessman cookies, pasta with homemade sauce, fried scallops, Crawfish Etouffee, large homemade chocolate chip cookies, double cheese burgers, lobster macaroni and cheese, eggplant pizza, ginger tea, fresh picked apples, homemade guacamole, hotdog stew, baked potatoes, homemade rolls, kimchi soup, fried chicken, rice cake, fried pork with vegetable, seaweed, acorn jelly, pecan pie, “gouton” (hamburger, veal, all spice, onions), apple fritter, my mother’s apple pie, roast beef dinner, thanksgiving dressing with raisins, peanut butter & garlic Ritz crackers, malassada (Portuguese fried dough), my wife’s lasagna, stuffed turkey.