2019-2020 CWM Reports & Form Schedule


 Form Submission Schedule "printable version" Click  Here  

Guidelines for Reports Due at Church Conference Click Here 


 Due in the District Office August 15th.


 The following forms must be sent to the district office, two weeks prior to your church conference.

The following are due in the District Office 2 weeks prior to church conference but no later than December 1.

 Additional Forms and Due Dates:

      Due in the district office one week following the Church Conference:


      Additional District Forms Due on or before December 2nd


     Profiles are to be updated every 3 years – Due December 2nd


   Pastor Certification of Payment due twice yearly: January 25th and July 15th


   Reports Due February 14th


   Reports Due March 31st

  1. Annual Audit (Fund Balance) for 2019
    1. (GCFA) Local Church Audit Guidelines


   Due in the District Office by November 1st to be reviewed by DS.

   (application needs to be submitted by DS to Cabinet by the 15th of November for Equitable Comp & 20th for Mission Relief)