CW Church Conferences

2022  Church Conferences

Commonwealth West Pastor and Lay: The forms & reports are newly modified & updated for 2022/2023 church year! 

Find them here: 

 Submit all forms to Commonwealth West District Office:  via e-mail:   


US Postal Service: DS Megan Stowe, 53 Birchwood Drive, Holden, MA 01520  

Please Download, Print and Post This Schedule and Track Completion of Required Reports: 

Download 2022/2023 Printable Submission Schedule Click HERE

Download Commonwealth West Church Conference Pastor Prep List  2022-2023 Click HERE

Hover over and click (blue) underlined report name to access/download online forms.

Commonwealth West Church Conference Information Meeting  8/31/2022 

 MP4 Video - DS Megan discusses documents needed for church conferences. Find what the difference is between a housing allowance ($ in addition to salary for a church that doesn't have a parsonage), and a housing exclusion ($ that comes from the cash salary for a pastor who may or may not live in a parsonage). For the trustees, learn about the accessibility audit and the energy audit that are required. Discover what lay positions are still needed in a one board model of leadership. Hopefully the pastor and the church committees will be  prepared for the Church Conference. 

Thank you for all you do to further unfold God's kingdom.