CW Annual Reports and Schedules

Commonwealth West Pastor and Lay please use only the forms on this website. Many are newly modified and all have been updated for 2021 -2022. Thank you!


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Submit all forms to Commonwealth West District Office:  via e-mail:  


US postal service: Commonwealth West District Office, 411 Merrimack Street, Suite 200, Methuen, MA 08144 


Please Print and Post This Schedule and Track Completion of Required Reports: 

Download Schedule:  2021 Printable Version



Responsible for completing: Please include in CC PACKET:

Due District Office: 2 weeks prior to Clergy One on One with DS

2021 Pastoral Conversation  NEW!

Pastor NO

2021 Clergy Continuing Education Units (CEU) Record 



Due District Office: 2 weeks prior to SPRC Meeting with DS

2022 Pastoral Compensation Form   (New format)

Send unsigned copy 2 weeks prior to church conf. Send signed copy immediately after church conf. approval. (see instructions for church conferences held after Dec. 1).

Housing Allowance/Exclusion   (New format) Pastor DS
Pastor's Report Pastor YES

Parsonage Inspection  (Not required 2022)

Trustees/Pastors,  if there are concerns that cannot be taken care of at the local church level send written concerns to the district office prior to SPRC meeting with DS.

Pastor/SPRC/Trustees DS

Helpful Resources to Complete Forms: 

2022 Pastoral Compensation Guide (salary requirements, etc.)

2022 Pension Calculator

Here is information on the 2022 rates: 

2022 pension calculation example

2022 health insurance rate information

SPRC (worksheets)  

Due District Office: 1 week prior to Church Conference 2021

Annual Certified Lay Reports: 

Cert. Lay Servant - Cert. Lay Speaker - Cert. Lay Minister

Lay Servant/Speaker/Minister


Annual Report of the Committee on Finance (GCFA)



Minutes of 2020 Church Conference

Pastor YES

Report of Nominations & Recommendations 2021

Pastor YES

Membership Report  (include AWA and # of Members)


BOOM Form 104 (if applicable)

Ministry Candidate YES

Extension Ministry / Retired Pastor Report (if applicable)

Retired Clergy YES
YTD Trustees Report (include bequests; investments and endowments used for operating expenses; parsonage sale funds used)
Trustees - Not standard report YES
YTD Finance Report and 2022 Budget (if ready) Treasurer - Not standard report YES

Update / Report on Safe Sanctuary Policy

SPRC - Not standard YES

Due District Office: 1 week after Church Conference

Minutes of 2021 Church Conference

Rec. Secretary/Pastor


Local Church Leadership Report  (New format)



Signed Pastoral Compensation Report (if not sent immediately after CC approval) Pastor  

Due District Office: November - DS Review Required

Mission Share Relief App - Due: November 20

Pastor/Finance Committee  

Equitable Comp. Grant Application - Due: November 15

Pastor/Finance Committee



Due District Office: December 1st (Each Year)

Pastoral Appointment Update   (New format)



Church Appointment Update    (New format)

SPRC Chair


Clergy Profile for Mission and Ministry  (New format)



Church Profile for Mission and Ministry  (New format)



Due District Office: January 31st (and 7/31 - with a midyear Change of Appt.)

Certification of Payment Form  (New format)  Treasurer/Pastor/SPRC Chair  

Due: February 14th - Submit Online (

Our conference statistician Joy Mueller has created a series of instructional videos on how to use the Ezra system.

Statistical Reporting



Due District Office: March 31st

Fund Balance Report (Annual Audit)



Annual Report of the Trustees

Trustee Chair



Other important and useful Forms:

Church Accessibility Audit (#7a. Annual Trustees Report - not required, good practice.