CW Annual Reports and Schedules

Commonwealth West Pastor and Lay please use only the forms on this website. Many are newly modified and all have been updated for 2022 -2023. Thank you!


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Submit all forms to Commonwealth West District Office:  via e-mail:  


US Postal Service: Commonwealth West District Office, 411 Merrimack Street, Suite 200, Methuen, MA 08144 

Please Print and Post This Schedule and Track Completion of Required Reports: 

Download 2022 Printable Schedule HERE


Responsible for completing: Please include in CC PACKET:

Due District Office: 2 weeks prior to Clergy One on One with DS

Pastoral Conversations (available July 15, 2022)

Pastor NO

2022 Clergy Continuing Education Units (CEU) Record 



Due District Office: 2 weeks prior to SPRC Meeting with DS

2023 Pastoral Compensation Form   

Send unsigned copy 2 weeks prior to church conf. Send signed copy immediately after church conf. approval. (see instructions for church conferences held after Dec. 1).

Housing Allowance/Exclusion    Pastor DS
Pastor's Report Pastor YES

Parsonage Inspection 

Pastor/SPRC/Trustees DS

Helpful Resources to Complete Forms: 

2023 Pastoral Compensation Guide (salary requirements, etc.)

2023 Pension Calculator

Here is information on the 2022 rates: 

2023 pension calculation example

2023 health insurance rate information

SPRC (worksheets)  

Due District Office: 1 week prior to Church Conference 2022

Annual Certified Lay Reports: 

Cert. Lay Servant - Cert. Lay Speaker - Cert. Lay Minister

Lay Servant/Speaker/Minister


Annual Report of the Committee on Finance (GCFA)



Minutes of 2021 Church Conference

Pastor YES

Report of Nominations & Recommendations 2022

Pastor YES

Membership Report  (include AWA and # of Members)


BOOM Form 104 (if applicable)

Ministry Candidate YES

Extension Ministry / Retired Pastor Report (if applicable)

Retired Clergy YES
YTD Trustees Report (include bequests; investments and endowments used for operating expenses; parsonage sale funds used)
Trustees - Not standard report YES
YTD Finance Report and 2023 Budget (if ready) Treasurer - Not standard report YES

Update / Report on Safe Sanctuary Policy

SPRC - Not standard YES

Due District Office: 1 week after Church Conference

Minutes of 2022 Church Conference

Rec. Secretary/Pastor


Local Church Leadership Report  


Signed Pastoral Compensation Report (if not sent immediately after CC approval) Pastor  

Due District Office: November - DS Review Required

Mission Share Relief App - Due: November 20

Pastor/Finance Committee  

Equitable Comp. Grant Application - Due: November 15

Pastor/Finance Committee


Due District Office: December 1st (Each Year)

Pastoral Appointment Update   



Church Appointment Update    

SPRC Chair


Clergy Profile for Mission and Ministry  



Church Profile for Mission and Ministry  



Due District Office: February 15th (and 7/31 - with a midyear Change of Appt.)

Certification of Payment Form   Treasurer/Pastor/SPRC Chair  

Due: February 14th - Submit Online (

Our conference statistician Joy Mueller has created a series of instructional videos on how to use the Ezra system.

Statistical Reporting



Due District Office: March 31st

Fund Balance Report (Annual Audit)



Annual Report of the Trustees

Trustee Chair



Other important and useful Forms:

Church Accessibility Audit - not required, good practice.