Walk to Emmaus

Walk to Emmaus is a way for persons to renew their Christian discipleship. Pilgrims walk a new road to Emmaus and find their hearts "strangely warmed." At this crossroads a person is lifted up into a grace-filled life to be lived and shared with others.

Walk to Emmaus is a place of convergence for diverse peoples from a variety of locations. It also incorporates the cross – the symbol of Christ and the Christian faith – and the meeting on the road to Emmaus where Jesus opens the scriptures and reveals himself to those who seek him.

Sponsored by The United Methodist Church, the Walk to Emmaus is a three-day experience that takes a New Testament look at Christianity as a lifestyle.

The highly structured weekend is designed to strengthen and invigorate the faith of Christian people, and through them, their families, their congregations, and the world in which they live. Emmaus combines the efforts of laity and clergy to renew the Church.