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Vermont Energy Efficiency Resources

For all Vermonters hoping to reduce energy costs

Do it yourself projects, rebates, advise, energy audits, lists of contractors (check out with people you know who have used them, or ask for references.). Remember you save $1.50 on every $1 you spend!

Electric/energy efficient vehicles

Info on all things about Electric Vehicles(EV) including rebates by income. 
Rebates for cars, motorcycles, and electric bikes!  
Driving an electric vehicle in Vermont is like paying $1.50 a gallon for gasoline, and there are fewer repairs/maintenance needed; 60% of Vermonters lease their electric car.  
For low income Vermonters there is help to purchase a used hybrid or EV car. Covers all Vermont counties.
Driving an electric car is like paying $1.50 a gallon for gasoline and repair costs are much lower.  Most people don’t drive over 35 miles a day, and most EV have a much longer range than that.
Replace Your Ride  — an incentive program  to help low-income Vermonters trade in an inefficient car for one that gets better milage. Learn more 
Remember there are Federal rebates in addition to state rebates for Electric vehicles. Federal incentives

E-Bikes as primary transportation:  Moderate- and low-income Vermonters qualify for rebates on e-bikes that used as primary transportation. (This does not apply to e-bikes used for recreation). Learn more 

Mow Electric 
This site goes over all the benefits of using electric mowers and other electric lawn care equipment. Lots of information on the advantages of the equipment and rebates are offered by the Vermont electric utilities.

Weatherization and Heat System Upgrades Services

For low- and moderate-income people

Each nonprofit listed below has guidelines on who qualifies. It is based on income and number of people in the household. Many homes report 35% savings after receiving help.  You will be more comfortable, save money, increase the value of your home, lower emissions and help others keep their electric rates low.  Property owners who rent to people who qualify also get these services for free.

Visit your local weatherization agency's webpage to learn how to apply and where to learn more:


Bennington & Rutland counties
List of towns served by BROC.

BROC Weatherization

BROC Application Forms


Central VT
List of towns served by Capstone.

Capstone Weatherization

Capstone Application Forms


Northeast Kingdom
List of towns served by NETO.

NETO Weatherization

NETO Application Forms


Northwest Vermont
List of towns served by CVOEO.

Champlain Valley Weatherization

Champlain Valley Application Forms


Southeast Vermont
List of towns served by SEVCA.

SEVCA Weatherization
SEVCA Application Forms

Vermont WRAP (Weatherization Repayment Assistance Program)   

Are you a client of: Green Mountain Power, Ludlow Electric, Vermont Electric Cooperative, Vermont Gas or Burlington Electric? You may qualify for significant savings through WRAP. Even if your power company is not on this list, check with them as they may have come onboard.

WRAP is a 2-year pilot program, funded by the state and overseen by the Vermont Housing Finance Agency (VHFA). WRAP allows households at or above the 80%-125% median income level for their area, to spread out the cost of weatherization, heat pumps, etc. into a small monthly payments on their electric bills — “sometimes as low as $15-$20 a bill.”  Even with rebates available, there are often up-front costs for energy-saving measures. For those who do not qualify for low-income help, which is free, WRAP allows them to spread out the up-front costs over several years.

If you are a house of worship: 

Vermont Interfaith Power and Light can guide houses of worship on going green. They have grants for energy audits for houses of worship and/or parsonages and some grant money to help pay for energy efficiency work.   

If you are retired clergy:

The Preachers' Aid Society of New England allows you to draw up to $15,000, over ten years in very low interests loans to help you make your retirement home more efficient. Many things from window shades to heat pumps and solar qualify. Learn more