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Congratulations, Mainers, your state has all information on how to save energy, money and reduce your carbon emissions with efficiency projects for citizens, non-profits and businesses on one website. Most states do NOT make it this simple

This website has information on rebates, loans, free programs, heating/cooling, insulation and other projects, appliances, home weatherization, business weatherization, programs for low-income citizens and much more!  

Maine Energy Efficiency Programs

Federal incentives for Electric Vehicles:

Remember, there are federal incentives for Electric Vehicles (EV) as well as state incentives. 


If you are a house of worship or parsonage:

If you are retired clergy:

The Preachers' Aid Society of New England allows you to draw up to $15,000, over ten years in very low interests loans to help you make your retirement home more efficient. Many things from window shades to heat pumps and solar qualify. Learn more