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Find Rev. Kim Hornung-Marcy’s blog:

The Conference Board of Church & Society has compiled these resources for those who want to be involved in fighting climate change. This page includes ideas and resources for advocacy both from within The United Methodist Church and from other sources. 


Ideas and resources

Advocate for better local, state and national Policy to fight and mitigate the effects of climate change.  Advocates speak of climate justice.  Most groups working to fight climate change realize that those who suffer most are often low-income and/or part of groups that historically have suffered discrimination.  

  1. Vote for candidates that value fighting climate change. Policy is the best way to leverage the most resources to fight climate change and mitigate the effects we are already seeing.  We cannot solve this only by individual action. We need local, state, and national governments working on justice -oriented climate policy to truly be effective against climate change.
  1. Does your town or city have a Town Energy Committee and/or Energy staff to help your town fight climate change and take advantage of state and other programs?  Does your town have a climate group made up of fellow citizens working on projects that fight climate change? Many new England towns and cities have these kinds of local level climate groups, find out what they are doing.
  1. Interfaith Power and Light is a national non-profit bringing all faith groups together to work for climate justice.    All New England states have state level groups. The most active are in Vermont, NH, and MA. The rest of our states have at least a Facebook Interfaith Power and Light group page.
  1. Bill McKibben, United Methodist, world famous journalist, author, and teacher at Middlebury College, VT has formed two effective non-profits fighting climate change:
  • was started in 2007, it is now a global force. It has chapters in all the New England states. All ages welcome. Just google 350 and your state to find your state level group.
  • Third Act, founded in 2021 is for people 60 and up to organize to fight climate change:

Please note that there are many other local, state, and national groups fighting climate change. Find one you like and make some new friends as you work together on the issues you care about.

UMC Resources

Creation care resources from The United Methodist Church

UMC Earth Keepers are a Global Ministries based program that trains people in creation care as they tackle a local environmental project. Our Conference has eight trained Earth Keepers.

Learn about the NEAC's youngest Earth Keepers

The United Methodist Creation Justice Movement has a monthly newsletter, many resources and working groups working to fight climate change. 

General Board of Church & Society climate justice resources       

Discipleship Ministries  creation care resources

United Women in Faith (formerly United Methodist Women) climate justice resources   
Climate work is a current focus for United Women in Faith

Cool Congregations

The nonprofit Interfaith Power & Light's Cool Congregations stewardship program offers resources to help churches reduce the climate change emissions from their facilities, help their members reduce emissions at home, and serve as leaders in the wider community — and often save money in the process. 
Learn more about becoming a cool congregation