Conference Visioning Table


Veta Daley
Visioning Table chairperson
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The purpose of the Conference Visioning Table is to support the local church through the sharing of resources, leadership and gifts around a common table aligned to our vision, mission, and critical issues.

The Visioning Table is directly accountable to the Annual Conference, and serves as the connecting point of voluntary collaboration for vision, mission and ministry in the Conference. The Visioning Table may make proposals to the Conference and its boards and agencies.

Guiding Principles:

  • Recognize the value of bringing together the various ministries of mission, administration and leadership in the Conference and the ministries in the Districts to resource the ministry of the local church, which is the central place of ministry.

  • Be dynamic, adaptable and fluid allowing for structure to follow function as ministry evolves to meet the current needs of the local church as heard at the Visioning Table.

  • Provide support for the local church by connecting resources among the Districts and across the connection.

  • Explore and encourage innovative, open, and diverse communication methods at all levels of the church.

The Conference Visioning Table has created a structure of collaboration, partnership and spiritual relationship by providing the opportunity for laity and clergy to have honest and open discussions about the emerging needs in the local churches, district and conference. The team meets three times per year.

Current Work and Goals

Our current work is focused in helping to vision and articulate shared-ministry models with specific action items for the team to encourage each church to identify models of shared ministry.

Specifically, the Visioning Table five goals:

  1. Ground ourselves in spiritual practices and Biblical foundations, both personally and as a Visioning Table
  2. Communicate our definition of shared ministry to the entire Conference
  3. Identify and promote models of shared ministry across the Conference
  4. Challenge churches to be in relationship with the larger community
  5. Stay open to the ways God is moving and working in the Conference, in our local churches, and in our communities, and to where God is calling this Table to work

Our working definition of shared ministry:

Whatever is done as ministry in the name and Spirit of Jesus Christ and involves more than one congregation of any denomination or a congregation or congregations in partnership with a community agency.