Clergy Continuing Education Record

Click here to download Clergy Continuing Education Record

This form records any Continuing Education Unit credits (CEU's) a pastor has received during the year.  Based on requirements established by our Discipline for continuing education for appointed pastors, and the need for discussion with the District Superintendent regarding this, the Continuing Formation and Spiritual Growth Committee of the Board of Ordained Ministry, has developed this form as means of initiating discussion and recording  CEU's and requests this completed as part of your One-on-One with the District Superintendent.
The following persons are required to receive a minimum of one CEU per year and at least 8 CEU’s per quadrennium:

  • Full-time local pastors who have completed the Course of Study
  • Elders under appointment
  • Deacons in full connection under appointment
  • Provisional members under appointment
  • Diaconal Ministers under appointment
  • Associate Members under appointment
  • Retired pastors under appointment

Since we are nearing the end of the quadrennium, the Committee felt that CEU's received from 2010 to the present will be accepted.