Clergy pensions for local churches

Church Dashboard/People Portal

View your pastor's pension and health insurance billing

Pastor’s, Staff Parish Relations Chairs, and Treasurers can review their Pastor’s Health insurance and Pension billing amounts in the Church Dashboard/People Portal. Login or register:

Clergy Retirement Security Program

Eligible clergy can earn an additional 1% matching contribution to their Clergy Retirement Security Program (CRSP) DC account by contributing at least 1% of their plan compensation to the UMPIP. 

Click the link  for more: 
At-a-Glance - CRSP

Pension Calculator 

Developed by the Conference Benefits office, this Excel spreadsheet is designed to assist local church treasurers with calculating the Pension/Death & Disability Billing Rate for clergy. (Be sure to enable editing once you've downloaded the calculator).

Click the links below to download the calculator and other materials.


Here is information on the 2022 rates: 


Here is information on the 2021 rates: 

United Methodist Personal Investment Plan/Clergy Retirement Security Program

Clergy who are making a change to or just starting their United Methodist Personal Investment Plan (UMPIP) or who are going to a new church and wish to continue their UMPIP in their new appointment, will need to fill out a Contribution Election form for Wespath Benefits and Investments.  

Automatic Clearing House (ACH) Forms

ACH transactions are electronic payments created when the church Pastor, SPRC Chair or Treasurer gives the Conference authorization to debit directly from the churches checking or savings account for the purpose of bill payment. 

Utilizing the ACH option for pastor pension and/or health insurance payments provides a discounted premium! 

Authorizations, submitted annually,  are completed electronically via the Church Dashboard in the People Portal